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DESCRIPTION TARGET TARI FLUSH is high quality flushing oil for cleaning of all kinds of machines, engine crankcase and other machine parts in the automotive as well as industrial machines. Ideal for flushing surfaces soiled with grime, rust and other adhering matter. The detergent additives contained in this oil aid easier and superior cleaning at […]

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DESCRIPTION TARGET TARI GASSELLA is a premium quality low-ash oils that are blended from specially selected base stocks for use in highly rated spark ignited and dual fuel four-stroke cycle engines requiring low-ash oils, or when un-sweetened gas needs to be used. Fortified with a balanced additive package designed to control ash, and made up […]

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MP-3 Lithium Grease

DESCRIPTION TARGET MP-3 Lithium Grease, imported from Korea is yellow colored smooth lithium grease suitable for a wide range of lubricating requirements. TARGET MP-3 has excellent mechanical stability as well as oxidation resistance, ensuring long service life. Specially fortified against rust and corrosion, it also resists wash away with water. Easy to pump in all […]

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DESCRIPTION TARGET TARI MARINO oils are cylinder-cum crankcase lubricants for highly rated medium speed diesel engines operating on residual fuel in industrial and marine applications. These oils are blended with premium quality highly refined mineral base stocks fortified with advanced additive technology. TARI MARINO oils are designed to meet the ever rising needs of modern […]

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Target 4500 SG

DESCRIPTION TARGET 4500 SG is a multi-grade; high performance engine oil specially formulated to meet the requirement of 4-stroke engine operated automobiles. TARGET 4500 SG is blended with specially selected additive system and high quality paraffinic base stocks to withstand very high temperature found in 4-stroke engine’s combustion chamber. This oil is designed to give […]

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