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About us

In Search of Excellence…..

The word ‘excellence’ has re-defined itself since ‘Excellence’ was written. It is no longer regarded as a fixed point out there, which you have to search and rope in, and they live happily ever after. Not anymore. It is an ever evolving concept, continually scaling new heights and embracing new horizon… ‘Target®’ at Oil Industries Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. -OIP- is not just a brand name of Lube oils: we Target quality in tandem with excellence – ever attaining new heights and wider ambits.

But how do you go about building ‘Quality in every drop’?

The recipe is simple.

After-sales Support team: OIP’s dedicated after-market makes it a point to reach right where the action is.

Customer Service: OIP has an open house for customers, end-users and clients. Reach us by any means, telephone, fax, e-mail; – we are there at our customer’s service.


These are the ones that carry. Conduct and transmit force (pressure) and energy (thermal and even electrical, indirectly) such as the hydraulic oils, Brake fluids, Crane hydraulic oils and Transformer oils. The demanding conditions and temperature ranges that these oils have to deal with, they need to be rugged. OIP knows how to build ‘muscles’ in its oils.

Then there are the “cleaning oils”. A number of Target products deal with this function. Steel hardening processes use quenching oils. Cutting oils is a different story altogether.

A whole range of Industrial Oils – for different applications and functions across a wide industrial spectrum – appear on OIP’s production. Target has them all

No Machine in Pakistan Must Go Without
The Right Oil….. Ever, Anymore